Art for Sale


 Paintings may be purchased from existing stock, or created on commission.


Green Men may be commissioned and customized for clients from personal photos.


FaeFolk may be purchased from existing stock or can be created from clients concepts or ideas,and include specific colours or themes.   

Green Men

Orange Poppies 

Framed  21" X 25"

Sunflower Daze

Framed 19" X 24"

Oriental Poppies

 18" X 24"

Angel Trumpets

Deep Canvas 

24" X 36"

Down the Garden Path

 Deep Canvas 24" X 30"

Arbutus Ridge

20" 24"

Deep in the Garden

22" X 28"

Daisy Time

10" X 20"

Point of View

18" X 24"

Winter Shadows

Framed 18" X 28"


At the Lagoon

Framed 18" X 28"

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