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Darlyne Stewart was born in Victoria but spent much of her early childhood in England and Nova Scotia before returning to the west coast.


Her creative abilities first became evident at the age of seven.  She designed and decorated a dollhouse out of wooden orange crates with cloth curtains and padded furniture.  She later designed and built three more original dollhouses.  She also created the dolls to live in these unique houses.


Darlyne continued to pursue her artistic passion doing makeup for theatre in Victoria, then moved to Vancouver working for CBC and other television stations. She went on to be employed in the film industry doing makeup and special effects. Her talents did not go unnoticed and she was offered an apprenticeship with Universal Studios in Los Angeles.


Instead, she chose to stay in Vancouver and create an interior decorating and design business, after taking both design and management courses at Langara College.  Her clients in Vancouver, West Vancouver and Whistler benefited from her creativity and visual abilities.


She then moved back to Victoria for several years and set up her art studio/business. After researching the folklore of Faefolk and Greenmen and their historic link between nature and mankind, she then combined her sculpting talents with her creative abilities, bringing these mystical creatures to life.


Darlyne has now taken her sculpting abilities further and applies various mediums to canvas.  Following the inspiration of an artist from Austria, she creates paintings with sculpting compounds, papers, as well as real leaves, grasses and moss. This gives her abstract nature art a unique 3D affect, as well as adding dimension to create more realistic paintings.


Darlyne has recently returned to the mainland and presently resides in Tsawwassen, BC.

She is passionate about her visual art and focuses on creating one of a kind, unique art pieces that can bring enjoyment to their new owners.  She is currently a contributing member in the South Delta art community and sells her art through the South Delta Art Gallery, various shows and online.

Darlyne Stewart

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