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Welcome to my world of FaeFolk

FaeFolk are pre-Victorian Era faeries and I create these characters for both indoor and outdoor settings. 


The creation of each unique Faefolk takes approximately 8-10 hours. Polymer clay was chosen as the perfect sculpting medium for my Faefolk characters head, hands and feet.  Their bodies are then created with an armature of heavy gauge wire.


INDOOR FAEFOLK are wrapped with polyester batting and all their clothes and jewelry are from upcycled materials and hand dyed cheesecloth. 


The OUTDOOR FAEFOLK are wrapped with tinfoil and cotton dipped in Paverpol to create a weatherproof clothing.  They are then cured for 6 weeks before being placed outside.


CARE: These are delicate creatures.  Indoors they need to be kept in a safe place, out of direct sunlight and are happiest around plants.  Outdoors they should be in a protected area, and not left out in very cold weather or in direct sunlight-a shaded, green area is perfect.  FaeFolk bring good luck to those who care for them. 

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